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This droidcon event looks AWESOME. Today is the last day to register at the early bird pricing, you know quids and all that. If you live in the UK, you owe it to yourself to get there and get your learn on!

Look at this amazing line up:

The first day will start at 9AM to meet up and vote for the Barcamp presentations.
By 10:30 ish the Barcamp will be in full swing with 10s of presentation to choose from.
Around 17:00 we'll get started for the Democamp.
And by 19:00 we should all be gathering for Beer&Pizzacamp!

The second day will start around 9AM and finish by 6PM. Then you can join one of the many post-conference drinks!

Wireframing Like A Pro
Greg Taylor - Tigerspike
Greg Taylor will talk about Wireframing like a pro.

Concurrency And Multi-Core & Honeycomb
Al Sutton - Funky Android
Al will be talking about the mayhem of Multi-core. He'll teach you why more cores can be good for an application and show you when, and how, you can make use of any extra cores which might be available on the device your application runs on.

Android@Home, Bluetooth @ Android, Wireless M2M
Harald Naumann
Harald Naumann will talk about Android@Home, Bluetooth @ Android and Wireless M2M.

Gaming and Bluevia
Yosi Taguri - Bluevia
Yosi Taguri will talk about Gaming and Bluevia

Mobile Enterprise Security And The Need For Mobile Device Management
Alan Goode
Alan will talk about the use of mobile phones in the enterprise and share his experience of the Mobile Device Management market. Organisations are being challenged by employees bringing in their own mobile devices and expecting to access corporate networks and store corporate information. Alan will discuss some of the security challenges that this ‘Consumerisation’ trend is creating and how organisations are meeting this challenge.

Richard Hyndman - Google
Richard Hyndmann will talk about Google Fragments

Operator APIs
James Parton - O2
James Parton will talk about Operator API.

Open Intents - Historify And Other Aggregating Apps
Friedger Müffke
Friedger Müffke will talk about Historify And Other Aggregating Applications (Google Summer Of Code Project).

Kick-starting Android Application Development
Matthias Kaeppler - Qype
Matthias will talk about kick-starting Android Application Development: "Due to its basis in Java, the Android SDK is a simple way to get started with app development, even for those developers not coming from a mobile background. Still, the Android framework lacks standard, re-usable solutions to many recurring tasks, making it more difficult than necessary to get an application off the ground quickly. Thanks to the amazing Android development community, we have plenty of utility libraries today that patch these holes in the Android framework. In this talk I will present a selection of these freely available libraries, which will help kick-start app development, by managing your objects and builds, and by offering ready-to-use solutions for the most common issues."

The Geeksphone Story
Javier Agüera - Geeksphone
Javier Agüera will talk about the Geeksphone story.

Android Gaming
Mustafa Isik - CodeSurgeon
Mustafa Isik will talk about Android Gaming.

3D Advertising
Terence Eden - Inmobi
Terence will talk about the Reality of Mobile Advertising.

Test-Driving Android Applications with Roboelectric
Joseph Moore - Pivotal Labs
Joseph will talk about why and how Robolectric was built.

Reforming Addicts Or iOS To Android Made Easy
Kieran Gutteridge
Kieran will talk about reforming addicts or iOS to Android made easy.

UI For Tablet & Phone and TV
Nick Butcher - Google
Nick Butcher will talk about UI For Tablet & Phone and TV.

Android's Message-Driven Architecture
Carl Gustaf Harroch - Novoda
At Droidcon London 2011, Carl-Gustaf Harroch will explain Android's Message-driven Architecture.

Steps to Best Beta Releases
Jon Vlachoyiannis - Bugsense
Jon Vlachoyiannis will talk about testing, specifically Steps to Best Beta Releases.

Motion Recognition with Android Devices
Gabor Paller - Sfonge Ltd
A built-in accelerometer is an almost obligatory feature of Android devices. This sensor enables the auto-rotation feature and is used e.g. in game applications for tilt-controlling the action. This presentation discusses the usage of accelerometer for detecting dynamic motion patterns. Shake or walk detection are very common use cases but exotic features like dance detection can also improve the usability of a specific application significantly. Android does not have platform-level motion recognizer module therefore developers need to be aware, how to detect motion patterns in the accelerometer's sample stream. We will examine the most frequently used motion detection methods. The effect on battery consumption will also be presented.

Massively Scalable c2dm with QoS and SLAs
Dylan Boyd - Urban Air Ship
Dylan Boyd will talk about Push notifications, specifically massively scalable c2dm with QoS and SLAs.

Traceview and MAT for Fun and Profit
Mark Murphy - CommonsWare
Mark Murphy will talk about Traceview and MAT for Fun and Profit.

How To Run A Private Beta On The Android Market
Thai Tran - Lightbox
Thai will talk about How To Run A Private Beta On The Android Market.

Making Sense of In-App Billing
Hermes Pique Robot Media
Android In-App Billing is not for the faint of heart! Hermes Pique will introduce the core concepts behind the Android Market's Billing Service, and get you up and running with a working example using his open-source Android Billing Library.

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