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My math teacher always told me to learn how to calculate formulas and such manually because I may not have a calculator to rely on. She was right and no one should rely 100% on a tool other than one's mind coupled with training and practice. That said, My math teach and I were not aware of the computing power that is riding around in most of our pockets 24/7 these days.

The Engineer Toolkit is the first comprehensive Android tool for Engineers / Drivers / Pump operators. It will also prove helpful for fill-ins or anyone else that may need to calculate on the fireground. Quick , accurate and intuitive design and implementation objectives were strictly adhered to during design and construction.

Quick data entry is paramount when determining what to pump on scene. Input on mobile devices can be tedious and sometimes difficult when forwarding the latest joke to your crew. Now imagine typing all the hose lengths, various flows and nozzle pressures when your at the "big one"! You can't delay and recalling rote memorized hydraulic formulas can be difficult at 3am . This app requires ZERO manual input of values to get pump discharge pressure (PDP) and friction loss (FL) of complex hose lays and scenarios .

Most of the app is structured in a step-by-step fashion leading to the eventual calculated data, I.e. PDP, FL, etc.  It was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. If you find areas that can be improved or fixed, please don't hesitate to email, call, send smoke signals or call 911 (Stranger things have happened, eh?). In all seriousness, I'm serious about helping Engineers perform on the fireground... I'm thinking up some kind of reward program for helpful suggestions and comments.

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Features: Version 1.0 (May 2011 Release)

  • Single line friction loss calculator
  • Wyed hose lay PDP / FL calculator
  • Siamese hose lay PDP / FL calculator
  • Masterstream calculator
  • Elevated Masterstream calculator

Roadmap (features still to come)

  • Engineer documentation which will include copious amounts of information covering a wide variety of topics
  • Conversion of all calculation to metric
  • Many, many more that will be revealed soon...

Screenshots: Main Screen

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Screenshots: Basic Friction Loss Calculator

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