Did you ever wish you had a super computer in your pocket? You know for those debates at the firehouse; "Dude, I guarantee the human genome is completely indexable with the touch of a button, guarantee!"

Thanks to the geniuses at MIT, you could potentially deliver on such a promise. The rbAPPmit has serious muscle behind the funny little green fella.

The new software works in cases where the general form of a problem is known in advance, but not the particulars. For instance, says Phuong Huynh, a postdoc who worked on the project, a computer simulation of fluid flow around an obstacle in a pipe could depend on a single parameter: the radius of the obstacle. But for a given value of the parameter, calculating the fluid flow could take an hour on a supercomputer with 500 processing units. The researchers’ new software can provide a very good approximation of the same calculation in a matter of seconds."

A rather complex video explaining some functionality: Here

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